About Me

Hi, I’m Susan Korsnick–  artist, entrepreneur, teacher, Reiki Master, nature lover, dog mom, WAYSHOWER, and UPLIFTER for women and girls (ages 8-12).  I am Southcentral Pennsylvania’s primary independent provider of women’s wellness services focused on creativity, inner wisdom, self-awareness, and empowerment.

My Vision

I hold sacred space for women to access their inner wisdom, reawaken their authentic selves, and confidently feel empowered, while making meaningful connections with others on similar journeys.  This is simply a journey of LOVE.

We go to work, take care of loved ones, run errands, pay bills, and somewhere (hopefully) find a few minutes to rest.  We take care of the environment, donate to worthy causes, and actively strive to make this a better world.  We do the best we can in whatever way we can, running on autopilot for as long as we can.  Too often, we forget that we need to refill the well- in other words, nurture ourselves.  This is a journey of LOVE and it has to begin with YOU.

  • When do you allow yourself to simply stop and BE ?
  • When do you check in with yourself to see if you are living the life you want to live?
  • How can you hear the quiet voice of your Inner Guide with all the noise and busyness?

Does any of this sound familiar?

I use creativity, ceremony, energy work, guided visualizations, meditation, storytelling, movement, and more to aid in your journey back to your Self.  By nourishing your Self, you are at your best and can give your best to others!

Wise women see self-care as self-preservation… and YOU ARE A WISE WOMAN!

It’s all available to you, right now, in this very moment.  Say “Yes!” to listening to your inner guide for wisdom.  Say “Yes!” to living your life empowered and authentic.  Say “Yes!” to what excites you and fills you with joy.  Say “Yes!” to taking a step on this adventure with me.

Through all I do, I hope to spread joy, love, light, awareness, and with a little luck… some wisdom and humor along the way!


I am inspired by all things sensual, the magical world around me, the moon, indigenous cultures, the Divine in all it’s forms, creative people, my own dreamworld, and those who dare to live the joyful, love-centered, empowered, satisfying lives they deserve.

I love to travel and embrace adventures small and large.  Wherever I go, I take a little piece of each experience with me and leave a bit of myself behind.  Each journey brings me closer to myself and connects me more deeply to others.

Life is all about seizing the moments and having special people in life with whom to share them.


Artistic Expression

At this stage in my life, I call myself an intuitive artist.  My art comes more from the inspiration within me than from outside sources.  I have passion for painting, mixed media, sculpture, and illustration.  I participate in local group art shows, work on commission, and also sell my pieces online.  In 2015, I had my first solo exhibit in York, PA.


  • Creatively Fit Coach certification
  • Journey of Young Women certified mentor
  • Shamanic Reiki Master Practioner certification
  • Usui Reiki Level II certification
  • Bachelor of Arts
  • Masters of Education