Dragonfly and Lotus Pattern Collection

Surface Design

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy exploring a new way to express my creativity- surface design!  It’s a way to turn art into patterns that can be placed on packaging, fabric, wallpaper, and all sorts of products.

Have you ever experienced something that inspires lots of new ideas in you?  Surface design is “that thing” for me.

Back in college, one of my many part-time jobs was in a fabric store.  On weekends and some evenings, I was surrounded by beautiful colors, patterns, and textures.  For a while, I even sewed my own clothing, curtains, and pillow shams.  Thankfully, no photos of these attempts exist!  LOL

I much prefer creating designs that other people can be inspired to use.

Initially, surface design did NOT come easily to me but I was excited to learn.  After hours (days and weeks!), I created a collection of prints that inspire mindfulness, serenity, and wellbeing.  I have lots of ideas for future patterns; let me know what you think.  Would you like to see more?

My Design Process

Initial Dragonfly Sketch
Sketches of Lotus Flowers
Sketches converted to vector elements of Ohm symbol, lotus leaves, flowers, and dragonfly
Vector elements combined to create a seamless pattern

From Design to Production

These patterns have been uploaded to Redbubble, a print-on-demand site, to be printed on a variety of items like those you can see below.  It’s a great way to get unique items and support artists at the same time.

Shower curtains
Mugs (more than one shape available)
Comfy, casual A-Line dresses for summer… or sleepwear
Duvet covers and comforters
Travel mugs (and water bottles- not shown)
Throw blankets
Sports bags and tote bags (not shown)
Laptop skins and cases


Visit my Redbubble shop to see the full selection of patterns and items that are part of the Dragonfly and Lotus Collection.

Dragonfly and Lotus Collection

Coming Soon

Stay tuned.  I’ll be creating a lot more patterns to share on several microstock and print-on-demand sites!

All the best,