Four Little Words

In This World

To be seen and heard,

To love and be loved,


And for that to be enough.

Susan Korsnick


Several weeks ago, I got an email from someone requesting my services.  But the request was vague and led me to respond with four little words

I Will Be Me

I was surprised that I wrote it!  And then, I was surprised that I was surprised, for I spent the last 20 years encouraging my students to proudly be themselves- to stand in their power and honor their unique blend of gifts, talents, and skills.  I also spent the last dozen years encouraging adults in workshops and coaching sessions to do the same.

Yet here I was, writing those four little words and feeling sovereignty like never before.  They hold such incredible power!

I Will Be Me

It’s natural to want acceptance from others but the magical transformation comes from accepting ourselves.

LOOK, an acrylic painting by Susan Korsnick

Over a year ago, when I painted LOOK, I had just started a new business and being seen and heard by others was the most important thing to me.  But now, LOOK has new meaning.  It’s asking me to look at my Self and embrace all aspects of me.

Stand humbly.  Stand confidently.  Stand vulnerably.  Stand fearfully if need be.  Just stand and say,

I Will Be Me

I believe this is our sole purpose- our SOUL purpose.

There is, never was, and never will be another one quite like you, my dear reader.




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