Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold by Susan Korsnick

I love how the most seemingly simple acts can have such meaning- meaning that is affirmed through messages from the most surprising places.

A couple of days ago, I needed to do something just for fun to counterbalance the horrible weight of the heart-wrenching tragedies happening in the world.  Taking online art classes is part of my self-care practice- returning me to a place of inner peace, greater love, and empowering strength.

I found my way to the colorful artist Janet Skates.  Her workshop called “I Spy” was a mixed media offering that gave me an opportunity to play joyfully with scraps of paper, paint, and gold leafing (a sparkly new medium I never used in a painting before).

Heart of Gold by Susan Korsnick

Her canvas covered with rainbow colored ovals inspired me but so did the stories of courageous activism in the news and social media.  Rather than paint ovals, I painted hearts… and lots of them!  You can’t have too many hearts, right?! Gently, I lay gold leafing over one as Janet demonstrated in her video.  That’s it!  The title came to me immediately- “Heart of Gold”.

My “just for fun” piece symbolizes all of the amazing people standing (in their unique ways) on the side of love.

And of course, the Universe (the Divine, Spirit, Love, whatever you call it) messaged me through a wonderful book I’m rereading for the third time- The New Feminine Evolutionary: Embody Presence, Become the Change.  It’s a series of essays by female leaders, compiled by Jane Ashley.

Before falling asleep, I decided to read the next essay.  Without knowing what it was, I opened the book, removed my bookmark, and laughed out loud at the title- I Choose Love by Elayne Kalila Doughty. Of course!

After years of deepening the connection with my intuition through art and spiritual practices, I was not surprised in the least.

The New Feminist Evolutionary compiled by Jane Ashley

Love, she writes,

“rushes like a forceful river through my being.

A love that is strong, sure, powerful.  Fierce, tender, and passionate.

It’s the imprint of liberation: uncompromising, ever-present, unwavering.

Love- a fire that burns brightly, pure and unconditional.  Insistent and urgent.  Patient and kind.

Love that is a force.

Love that is not compromised.

Love that embracingly holds the light and the shadow.

Love that speaks the truth with compassion.

Love that stands with the sword of integrity and has the courage- the heart- to stay true.

Love that loves: no matter what.”

She goes on to write, and I wholeheartedly agree…

“Through the alchemy of love in your heart, you can bring all that is not love into love….

You are here to walk a unifying consciousness at this time that balances the old story that we have been told that there are only two options to be the exalted:

The light OR the shadow.

You are here to walk in the simplicity that there is a new story being told not from our words or our actions, but from our presence…

through your resonance and presence, through your willingness to walk as love.

To take the vow to BE love.”

If love wasn’t the most powerful force on earth, the others wouldn’t be so afraid of it… and try to destroy it.  But love WILL conquer all.

detail from Heart of Gold by Susan Korsnick

Love is unimaginable power.

I thank Janet Skates for a fun, relaxing activity.  And I thank the Universe (speaking through Elayne Kalila Doughty’s essay) for reminding me of the power of LOVE. And most of all, I thank you, dear Reader, for doing all the loving things you do to make this world a better place!

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