May Human Beings Hear It

My three cairn paintings were birthed from a deep desire to get grounded, feel centered, and balance my Self while the nation and the world seem thrown into chaos.  This desire extends to all of you as well.  I wish us all Unity, Balance, and Serenity- the titles of these three pieces.

We each have to find our own way to cope with what is going on. I wanted to compose poems to accompany each piece but the words wouldn’t come.  That’s ok.  Sometimes, when we are patient and allow, we are gifted something better than we imagined.  Rudolf Steiner’s Foundation Stone Meditation is such a gift.  It appeared in the Summer/Fall 2020 issue of “being human”, the Anthroposophical Society in America‘s inspiring magazine. Let me share this gift with you.  See Steiner’s words as seeds, planting something beautiful in your heart and soul.


Foundation Stone Meditation

by Rudolf Steiner

“Human Soul!

You live within the limbs

Which bear you through the world of space

Into the spirits’ ocean-being:

Practice spirit-recalling

In depths of soul,

Where in the wielding


Your own I

Comes into being

In the I of God;

And you will truly live

In human world-all being.


For the Father-Spirit of the heights holds sway

In depths of worlds begetting life.

Spirits of Strength:

Let ring forth from the heights

What in the depths is echoed,


Out of the Godhead we are born.


This is heard by the spirits of the elements

In east, west, north, south:

May human beings hear it!

Balance, a watercolor painting of a cairn, by Susan Korsnick.

Human Soul!

You live within the beat of heart and lung

Which leads you through the rhythms of time

Into the feeling of your own soul-being:

Practice spirit-sensing

In the balance of the soul,

Where the surging deeds

Of World-evolving

Unite your own I

With the I of the world;

And you will truly feel

In human soul’s creating.


For the Christ-will encircling us holds sway,

In world rhythms, bestowing grace upon souls.

Spirits of Light:

Let from the east be enkindled

What through the west takes on form,


In Christ death becomes life.


This is heard by the spirits of the elements

In east, west, north, south:

May human beings hear it!

Serentiy, a watercolor of a cairn, by Susan Korsnick

Human Soul!

You live within the resting head

Which from the grounds of eternity

Unlocks for you world-thoughts:

Practice spirit-beholding

In stillness of thought,

Where the gods’ eternal aims

Bestow the light of cosmic being

On your own I

For free and active willing.

And you will truly think

In human spirit depths.


For the Spirits’ world-thoughts hold sway

In cosmic being, imploring light.

Spirits of Soul:

Let from the depths be entreated

What in the heights will be heard,


In the spirits’ cosmic thoughts the soul awakens.


This is heard by the spirits of the elements

In east, west, north, south:

May human beings hear it!


At the turning point of time

The Spirit-light of the world

Entered the stream of earth existence.

Darkness of night

Had ceased its reign;

Day-radiant light

Shown forth in human souls:


That gives warmth

To simple shepherds’ hearts;


That enlightens

The wise heads of kings.


Light divine,


Warm our hearts;

Enlighten our heads;

That good may become

What from our hearts

We are founding,

What from our heads

We direct,

With focused will.”


May this meditation nourish you as it is nourishing me.

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Best wishes,