NEW- Message of Hope and Wellbeing

New, one of my recent paintings, has a message for the collective as well as individuals navigating this challenging time with hope, determination, courage, and love. I thought I created this “intentional” painting for myself but now it’s clear that I painted it for you, too.  Take what resonates in this post and leave the rest.
Detail of “New”, a recent acrylic painting on canvas.

The Backstory of “New”

When I went to the canvas, I wanted to paint an infant nestled lovingly in the wings of a swan.  The baby represented me and the loving wings represented Divine protection.  I was reflecting on my life and the direction I want to go personally and professionally- feeling scared, vulnerable, and inexplicably safe at the same time.  I wanted to express this strange mix of feelings artistically.

New is an example of work I call intentional art.  Some of my other work is intuitive art.  What’s the difference?

Intentional art is prayer or invocation expressing what is on my heart and focusing on the desired manifestation- for me or the client who commissions a painting.  I deliberately chose the imagery, colors, and composition to connect to Love energy- my term for the Divine.  Call it Source, Universe, Great Spirit, God, Goddess, or whatever name you prefer.

Intuitive art is meditation, actively listening for messages that I may receive through symbols, colors, imagery, or words.  I channel these messages in a way similar to the way I channel energy for a Reiki client.  The finished piece gives me or my client clarity, support, and guidance.

Another detail of “New”

For You

Things have changed and phrases like “self-isolation” and “social distancing”, sadly, have become commonplace.  For the first time in my life (probably yours, too), people around the world are facing a common threat.  And as always, challenges are opportunities for the best in us to come out.  If you are reading this, you probably give of yourself in countless ways- keeping it together for everyone around you.  Right?  Taking care of others and maintaining normalcy as much as possible when things are anything but normal.  New has a message for you….

The baby in this painting symbolizes your Inner Holy Child and the wings of the swan symbolizes your Inner Protector.   The message for you is to balance both.  Balance your desire to serve and protect with your need for those very same things.  Perhaps you are “social distancing” at home with those who are supporting you in ways you need.  I hope so!  But if you are alone or with those who can’t give what you need for whatever reason (everyone is navigating this in their own way), give your Self the love you so generously give to others.  There are lots of sites you can Google for self-care ideas; everyone has their opinion.  But you know yourself best.  Do whatever brings you joy and nourishes you body, mind, heart, and soul.  We all know that we can’t fill someone else from an empty chalice so I won’t repeat it… LOL.

For the Collective

New has a message of hope, encouragement, and support for the collective as well.  We are not alone, standing on the leading edge.  We aren’t fearless but act despite our fear.   We know that a global shift is approaching… a new beginning.

Some are calling it the New Earth or a New World Order.  It’s an opportunity to shift from a consumer-based system where the world is seen as “ours for the taking” to a love-based awareness that recognizes we are interconnected and have a responsibility to give in whatever way we can.

Members of this collective have experienced spiritual rebirth; we are NEW.  We’ve entered the cave to face our shadow Selves.  We’re embracing our perfect imperfections, knowing that in our human form we are still Divine.  We use our hard-earned wisdom, talents, and skills to help others and our earth home.  If you are reading this, you are called to be part of this global awakening of healers, energy workers, artists, writers, guides, coaches, teachers, leaders, mystics, and more.  You are part of this Soul Tribe and are never alone.


Like birthing a child (so I’ve been told but never experienced), birthing a new world is painful.   But know that everything we do has a ripple effect- lovingkindness is as contagious as a virus or hatred or fear.

I’m sending you lots of love and support as we navigate this together.  Energetically, we are not isolated!

Wishing you health and well-being,