You are the Lotus Visualization & Worksheet (free download)


Buddha Painting Program*

I took Whitney Freya’s online Buddha Painting Program and loved every minute!  She shares videos about Buddhism, the Laughing Buddha, and instructional videos so you can paint your own Buddha.  Whitney even has a Spotify “Painting Buddha” playlist you can access.  I lit a candle, put on her playlist, and immersed myself in the painting process.  Pure bliss!

“Paint the energy of Buddha for peace and centering.”

With enrollment, you can join Whitney Freya’s Facebook group and have lifetime access to this course.

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Creatives Making Money*

If you are a creative entrepreneur who wants to expand your business, I HIGHLY recommend this 30-day online class offered by the amazing Whitney Freya and Dawn Sinkule.  It can work wonders for you, whether you are starting a new business or someone looking to grow an established business.

I’ve taken it once and because I have “lifelong access”, I can revisit any topic as many times as I want!  Saying that technology does not come easily for me is a huge understatement!  So I greatly appreciated the daily videos, links, and ongoing support through the Facebook group.

Topics include Creating a Prospect Sheet, LinkedIn Profiles, Facebook business pages, Tools for Business (this one topic is well worth the investment!), Creating Products/Services, Paypal, Domains, Ideal Client Avatars, Writing Hooks, Creating Mockups, Content Planning, Mailchimp, Engaging Your List, Lead Magnets, and more!!!

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