Sharing the Love

Phoenix Rising, inspires us to rise from our own ashes

Art is Spellcasting

My art is spellcasting- sometimes created with conscious intention and sometimes co-created intuitively with Source (Love, the Divine, etc).  Simply put, each piece is a wish for what I want to call more of into the world.  I look back and see a map of my life’s journey- where I was when I created it and where I wanted to be going.

At it’s best, my art speaks in a magical way to the viewer- a soul-to-soul connection, uniting us across time and space.

Phoenix Rising, inspires us to rise from our own ashes
Phoenix Rising- SOLD

Story of Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising revealed itself to me over a year and a half ago, when I knew I was resigning from a teaching position and about to embark on the adventure of starting my own business .  I had to leave people I dearly love in order to leave a situation I didn’t.  The image of the phoenix wasn’t a deliberate decision that I made in advance.  Rather, it appeared from a deeper, more spiritual place- a heart and soul place.  It told me that I had to courageously take a step, even though I was absolutely terrified.  Would this decision lead me in the right direction?

Phoenix was the encouragement I needed to rise out of the ashes and begin a new chapter of my life.  I’m not going to lie; it hasn’t been easy.  At times, it’s been downright difficult.  Covid made it harder than I thought it would be but it was definitely the right thing to do.  Of that, I’m sure.  Staying in a toxic situation wasn’t an option.

And now, Phoenix Rising is on its way to a new home, where it can radiate positive energy, encouragement, support, and lots of love.

It’s heart-warming to know that my art speaks so strongly to someone that they want it to hang in their home, office, or studio.

Sharing the Love

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