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Stay Connected with Susan Korsnick Art and Soul

Before “physical distancing” became our reality, a new client hired me to create and facilitate a special event that would honor her 60th year on earth.  During our initial conversation, she told me that many of her close friends were simultaneously going through major life changes- a new baby, relocation, retirement, etc…  Could I create an event that took elements of my Come Home to Your Self workshop series and blend them with the personal stories she shared so each woman would find it fun and meaningful?

Absolutely, it’s what I do!

She loved my outline and initial ideas. So with her approval, I designed the ceremony/workshop and booked a funky downtown location that had a warm and cozy yet industrial vibe.  It was perfect for our gathering!

Then Covid-19 hit and group gatherings all over the world were canceled- ours included.  Rather than give up, I would use available technology to connect her with her friends all across the country by holding an online, private, live event.

Despite the miles, there was no distance between us when we gathered virtually that afternoon in early June.  I led them through creative and mindful experiences- including the painting of personal symbols- and held the space as a safe, sacred container for the sharing of laughter, tears, conversation, and silence- to listen for the whisper of intuitive wisdom that comes from a place deep within.  To their surprise, they created some very powerful artwork.

When I say, “You don’t have to be an artist”, I’m typically met with skepticism and some odd looks.  But at the end of an event, doubters become believers when they see what they can create when they link their heart and hands and get out of their heads!

I design and facilitate events but it’s the participants who create the magic when they come with curiosity, vulnerability, and a willingness to open to all that is possible.  It’s true, you’ll get out of it what you put into it.

Here’s the beautiful reflection of my client, soon after the event…

Susan helped me create and offer an afternoon workshop for a group of important women in my circle, each of whom was facing a major life transition.  Thanks to Susan’s thoughtful planning, the gathering was magical and deeply empowering, opening up space that allowed each of us to remember and ‘recover’ parts of ourselves in profound ways, to reflect on our own lived experiences, and to envision how we might move forward from here.  It exceeded all of my hopes and dreams in every way.  I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for a wise, creative, empowering guidess to navigate through life’s marvelous, messy, wild, and winsome twists and turns.

Melanie S

If you or someone you know is interested in recognizing a significant moment in life through an art-based, spiritually significant “ceremony”, contact me for a free consultation.

Stay Connected with Susan Korsnick Art and Soul

Online, live events are a wonderful alternative when it’s not possible to connect in person.

Connect energetically- it’s a green alternative 🙂