Super Superpowers: A New Story

When a 4-year-old girl tells her mother that she is ugly… When an 8-year-old girl says she isn’t good enough… When a girl grow up to be woman who feel inferior in any way, It’s time to write a new story.

When online services, like, define self-love as “the instinct by which one’s actions are directed to the promotion of one’s own welfare or well-being, ESPECIALLY (my emphasis) an excessive regard for one’s own advantage; conceit; vanity; narcissism”, it’s time to write a new story.

When governments around the world write laws that take away women’s power and sovereignty over self and give it to others, it’s time to write a new story.

When society tells girls and women that we are “less than” in countless ways, it’s time to write a new story.

Super Superpowers: Goddesses and Groundbreakers

Super Superpowers: Goddesses and Groundbreakers is a new story. I had to write it . The stories of the 4-year-old, the 8-year-old, and the woman in the first paragraph are are not unique. We all know them. We are them!

In Super-Superpowers: Goddesses and Groundbreakers, I share many attributes that we all have in common, such as beauty, compassion, bravery, creativity, fairness, passion, strength, and transformation. These, among others, are our Super Superpowers. We possess each in our unique measure. Each is explored through the stories of diverse, ancient archetypes- goddesses who symbolize these qualities. I also tell the stories of groundbreakers, women and girls in our present or recent past, who also symbolize these qualities. I selected stories that cross boundaries of time, space, and cultural identity to send this message loud and clear- we possess Super Superpowers! We are worthy. We are connected. WE MATTER!

Why “HER”?

Typically, I don’t like to use gender-specific terms to define something that is energetic and invisible. To me, there is no god, goddess, divine feminine, or divine masculine. These are terms put on the unknown force to make it relatable. I get that. I much prefer terms such as Universal Love, Source, or Great Spirit. So why do I focus on goddesses and female groundbreakers?

We need Her to provide the counterweight for an out-of-balance world currently focused on domination, destruction, greed, hatred, and separateness that clearly isn’t serving women and girls specifically. Nor is it serving the Earth or any form of life on it. The goddesses are our teachers. They illuminate the best that is within us. By sharing their stories, we can relate and see them mirrored in one another.


Stories change over time, depending on who is telling it and what their intention is. I consciously rejected versions of stories with elements of abduction, rape, and victimization. I have no intention of perpetuating outdated tales that got us where we are today. These are new versions to get us where we want to go. I hope they inspire us to create a world of better balance, honor, truth, goodness, beauty, stewardship, and LOVE. I want these stories to inspire a way of being that is sustainable for us and future generations.

When I shared this idea with a friend, she exclaimed “Men and boys need this, too!” Yes, absolutely! If we want to write a new story into being, we all need to play a part. But after centuries of repression and violence against women, I lift this up as an offering to women and girls everywhere.


There are many women and girls, across cultures, who are our mentors and guides. These wayshowers are thankfully too many to name here, women like Merlin Stone, Starhawk, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Margot Adler, Margaret Starbird, and Brooke Medicine Eagle. It’s up to us to continue their work in our own way to bring balance, love, and healing back to our world. Some continue to walk among us, while some are revered ancestors who guide us and show us a better way. Those who have passed are our cheerleaders on the other side… encouraging us to continue the work; encouraging us to use our gifts, talents, and skills to make a difference.


Imagine a world where your daughter has personal power, sovereignty over her own body, a broad understanding of beauty that includes her, the confidence to trust her intuition, healthy relationships and healthy boundaries, and a connection to the natural world around her.

These are the words that guided the design of my Journey of Young Women Retreat for girls ages 8-12 and they are the words that inspired Super Superpowers: Goddesses and Groundbreakers. I invite you to read the Imagine A World blogpost dated August 11, 2019.


If you haven’t begun to have conversations with your friends, daughters, nieces, and sisters, I hope this will inspire you to start. If you already have, I hope this inspires even deeper conversations and action.

May each goddess inspire and encourage you.

May each groundbreaker motivate and empower you.

May we each take a step… together.

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