Rise Above Club: Intuition

“Would you feel even more loved, safe, and supported if you knew you were being guided in each moment to the spaces, places, and people that would serve your highest and greatest good in each moment?”  Whitney Freya, Rise Above: Free Your Mind One Brushstroke at a Time

How connected do you feel to your intuition?  Can you hear it above the busyness and noise of everyday life?  Can you tell the difference between inner wisdom, the inner critic, and fear?

“The invitation right now is to tune in to the ways your soul is whispering to you every step of your journey,” writes Whitney Freya.  Feelings, synchronicities, dreams, and imagination “represent an unfiltered, higher perspective.  Your soul communicates to you very clearly- if you understand its language.

Explore intuition through meditation, breathwork, a guided visualization, conversation, and a powerful (yet very easy) painting process that I will guide you through step-by-step.

Register on Brown Paper Tickets to reserve your place at the table for this conversation and intuitive, painting experience.

Elemental Being: Earth Wisdom

Are you longing to have a day for yourself?  Just one day?  If you have been busy giving to others in the countless ways you give, perhaps this is the time to receive, to take care of yourself.  One day to connect to Mother Earth, ancestral wisdom, the Divine, and your Self.  You’ll experience ceremony, meditation, a visualization, breathwork, and a simple intuitive painting experience that can reveal what is waiting inside of you to be acknowledged.  If you feel a longing to reconnect to who you really are, keep reading…

Our sacred connection to the elements deepens our relationship with our essential Self.  Weave together the wisdom of the past with the wisdom within ourselves through an intuitive painting practice, ceremony, meditation, and more.

We call on the Earth element to open us to our inner wisdom.

We call on the Earth element to reveal the wisdom of our ancestors.

We call on the Earth element to connect us to the Divine Feminine that is within each of us.

We call on the Earth element to connect us to our Selves!

I will guide you step-by-step through this powerful painting practice, which has the power to silence the inner critic and mind chatter.  Listen to your inner wisdom and create an image on the canvas that will light your path of self-awareness.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a painting and some intuitive practices that can enhance your spiritual practice.

Register by calling Radiance at 717-290-1517.

Cost includes all art supplies and materials.  Bring a lunch, a journal, and a small object/picture to represent your connection to Earth for our monthly altar.  Dress comfortably (slippers welcome!!).

Intuitive Painting 101

Intuitive painting is a relaxed, mindful approach to creativity that uses words, colors, and mark-making to build up layers that reveal personal meaning and symbolism for the artist.  It allows participants to focus on process and self-discovery rather than product.  No art experience needed.  $35.  Supply list available through York Art Association, York PA.

Register at yorkartassociation.org or at 717-755-0028.

Dover Health & Wellness Fair

At 11:40am, I will be speaking on the topic of Creativity Reduces Stress.  Speaking from experience, I can share the benefits of how an intuitive, creative practice has provided balance, enhanced self-worth & empowerment, & connected me to my inner wisdom.  The techniques I use can help you “Come Home to Your Self”.

Awaken Your Authentic Self


How do we find and maintain balance?  Part of us is logical when we long to return to our intuitive selves, our inner wisdom.  Part of us is busy “doing” when we want to be fully present in the moment.  I hold sacred space at the captivating Moonstone Manor for women to explore their creative, powerful, loving selves.  Nourish the part of you that longs for balance.  Reveal your intentional focus and discover ways to manifest what you truly desire.  You have everything you need.  Let’s use art, meditation, movement, a sound bath, and intuitive experiences to tap into your Inner Wise Woman.  With balance comes power.  And with power comes limitless opportunities!!

$95 cost includes supplies, lunch, and beverages.  Click on Brown Paper Tickets to register.


Winter Solstice is the darkest time of the year and holds the promise of the returning light.  This workshop, held at the magical Moonstone Manor, is the sacred space to connect with your Inner Wise Woman.  Identify limiting beliefs and replace them with new, expansive beliefs to guide your coming year.  Gain insight through activities such as guided visualization, intuitive art experiences, meditation, and ritual.  Creativity and intuition illuminate the path back to self.

$85  includes all supplies, lunch, and beverages.  Register on Brown Paper Tickets .

Intuitive Art Journal Practice

My intuitive art journal practice awakens my authentic self and allows me to access wisdom I already possess.


Journal Writing Had Limits

I developed my intuitive art journal practice after years of working in written journals and traditional art journals.  For many years, I faithfully recorded my thoughts in a notebook every morning.  It was full of entries that explored the same issues and concerns, day after day after day.  I became frustrated.  I already know what weighed on my mind and made me feel like I was spinning my wheels in mud; I wanted guidance.

Interestingly, I knew the answers were within me, I just couldn’t access them this way.  I came to the conclusion that the process of writing sentences kept me in my left brain, the linear and analytical half.  This hemisphere is very helpful for planning a budget and making decisions but not so helpful when I want to get in touch with the source of my own wisdom, my intuition.

An Art Journal Was the Next Step

I turned to my art for answers.  Art journaling gave my right brain freedom to fly into areas my left brain wouldn’t dare to go.  The right hemisphere of the brain is in charge of creativity and artistic expression.  It wants to play, explore, and be adventurous.  I splashed colors on dry surfaces and watching as colors flowed into one another on wet surfaces.  Then, I grabbed spray inks, stencils, stamps, water-soluble crayons, and bits of paper to layer and create different effects.  It was fun and relaxing.  I explored colors, compositions, and subject matter that made their way into artwork I exhibited and sold.

Like a written journal, an art journal has a purpose and I value it when my intention is to experiment and discover.   But there was still an aspect of myself that hungered for something more.  I longed to integrate my artistic side  and my logical side in a way that honored my uniqueness and opened me to deeper inner knowing.

Intuitive Art Journal Practice

My intuitive art journal practice is one way I awaken my authentic self and access the wisdom I already possess.  By weaving together ritual, meditation, guided visualization, and artistic expression with what I learned from spiritual guides, artists, and writers along the way, I am able to tap into information that has always been available to me.  I just had to learn how to access it.  Intuitive art journaling is a sacred process that allows me to hear the quiet voice within.  The piece above, Accept and Love, is one example of the messages I receive when I’m open and willing to surrender to my higher Self.  In other words, I allow the process to inform me.  I become my own guide.

Do you have a practice that allows you to awaken your authentic self and receive wisdom? 

Are you interested in learning more about intuitive art journaling?