Girls’ Retreats and Events

“Susan introduced the idea of how powerful the feminine is and led activities to reinforce this theme.  She introduced goddesses from many cultures, the idea of self-care, beauty from many viewpoints, and many kinds of music and traditions.  Just what I had hoped for!  I knew my daughter was in good hands and well cared for.  My daughter said this was her most favorite ‘camp’ ever.  I know that Susan put her whole heart into this endeavor and cared for the girls as if they were her own.”  Jennifer C

“Susan engaged the girls in activities that embodied true female empowerment- hearing one’s inner (authentic) voice, being grateful for our many blessings- large and small, and finding happiness in nature, self, and the friendship of other empowered young women.”  Michelle S

Women’s Events

“Susan helped me create and offer an afternoon workshop for a group of important women in my circle, each of whom was facing a major life transition.  Thanks to Susan’s thoughtful planning, the gathering was magical and deeply empowering, opening up space that allowed each of us to remember and ‘recover’ parts of ourselves in profound ways, to reflect on our own lived experiences, and to envision how we might move forward from here.  It exceeded all of my hopes and dreams in every way.  I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for a wise, creative, empowering guidess to navigate through life’s marvelous, messy, wild, and winsome twists and turns.” Melanie S

“I still can’t believe what a special experience that was… still processing and thinking about it.  I shared my painting with my significant other who thought the symbolism was incredible!”

“Susan’s passion for her events and her vision is abundantly apparent.  Everything is well thought-out and meaningful.  Thank you for an incredible day!”  Laura

“Susan has a lovely way of providing space to go inward and find your place while challenging you to express yourself without judgement.  It was a lovely workshop!”  Corinne

“I’d describe Susan’s work as Soul Painting.  She uses painting as a meditative part of deeper introspection.  The pace and design of event helps prevent ‘overthinking’.  In her classes, it’s not about painting or technique but connecting with yourself, your challenges, hopes, and dreams then translating that into art.  She leads you through thoughtful meditation and the process without making it a ‘paint by numbers’ class!  Instead, each work is as unique as the individual painting it.”  Nicole P

“…a great way to get creative without being scared or intimidated by it!” AB

“A treat for your soul and a chance to make new friends.  It is time to retreat from the world… a feeling that lasts for days!”  Sara L