Hope gives us strength to act

I am heartened and hopeful that people around the world are moving beyond the fear-based, divisive “us and them” to the stronger, supportive, love-centered “WE“.

News from around the world shows that more and more individuals are using their unique blend of gifts, talents, and skills to bring greater peace, beauty, truth, healing, and justice to the world.  Each of us can’t do it alone but WE can do it together.

May you be blessed and inspired by the words of Christy Barnes….

May calm warmth work in us,

Light’s clearness shine in us,

Water’s power sound in us,

Earth’s ground strengthen us.

We are all journeying.

We are all weeping.

We are all singing.

We know each other

As deeply as we can see.

If I do not know you,

I am blind or you are bound.

Create my eyes with your own light.

Let me thaw your bonds with my warmth.


We are all journeying-

Like rivers underground,

Like trains through the tunnels,

Like stars through the heavens.

Let us look at each other

And know it.

Hope gives us strength to act
HOPE, my acrylic painting on canvas, encourages us to courageously stand on the side of love and justice.  

WE are not alone.

Together, WE can make magic!!


Prints and originals of my art are available in my shop.