What I Offer

I hold sacred space for you to embrace your own power, confidently tap into your inner wisdom, and love yourself more fully so you can radiate that love into the world.  I support women and girls on their path of discovery, through creative and spiritual experiences that deepen the connection to the wise, passionate, creative, and powerfully Divine Self within you.

In all of my group events and one-on-one Creatively Fit Coaching sessions, I weave together art, writing, ceremony, energywork, visualization, meditation, and sound to guide you on this journey of LOVE.

By confidently choosing to walk a path of LOVE instead of fear, I release what no longer serves,

recognize what I want by listening to my inner wisdom,

and courageously make new choices so I can live the life I want to live.



Come Home to Your Self: A Journey of Love

Come Home to Your Self explores our sense of self, where we fit in relation to others, and how we desire to not just grow, but blossom, into who we desire to be.  Meditation, art journaling (no experience needed), writing, movement, sound, and conversation are just some of the ways we will connect with our essential being, hear our inner wisdom, and confidently take the steps in the direction we want to go.  Explore a range of meaningful topics that nourish, inspire, and empower.  Topics include connections, self-love, wisdom, trust, gratitude, balance, playfulness, clarity, passion, intuition, and creativity.

Intuitive Painting

A relaxed, mindful approach to creativity that uses colors, words, and mark-making to build layers that reveal personal meaning for the artist.  Focus on process rather than product.  Creative expression is a practice that guides one further on the path of self-discovery.

Divine Elemental Being

“Earth our body, Water our blood, Air our breath, and Fire our spirit”.  The elements connect us to nature, the cosmos, other beings, and ultimately to our own essence.  Gain a more intimate understanding of life as a Divine Elemental Being having a human experience through creative and intuitive activities, ritual, ceremony, sound, movement, and guided visualizations.  We delve deeply into Air (Clarity), Fire (Passion), Water (Trust & Discernment), Earth (Wisdom) and Spirit (Balance and Harmony).  Designed for those who desire a connection between creativity, nature, and the Divine.

Creatively Fit Coaching Sessions

My certification through Whitney Freya’s Creatively Fit Coaching program gives me the tools to guide clients across the bridge from fear to love.  Fear of failure, of making a mistake, of not being enough, or of being seen can hold us back from the life we desire.  When clients paint using the intuitive painting practice (among other things), the canvas becomes a portal that opens and provides clarity.  Tap into the energy of abundance and limitless possibilities!  You are a multidimensional being with the power to release what no longer serves and set the intention to focus on what you want your life to be!  This program worked for me and I wholeheartedly believe it will work for you.  Contact me for free introductory session.

Journey of Young Women (girls ages 8-12)

Imagine a world where girls grow with personal power, sovereignty over her own body, a broad understanding of beauty that includes her, the confidence to trust her intuition, healthy relationships and healthy boundaries, a connection to the natural world around her, and a sense of her own Divinity.  All activities and experiences are designed to engage the head, heart, hands, and spirit.  I am a certified Journey of Young Women coach through Katherine Krueger’s program.  I also have over 20 years experience teaching elementary school.

Speaking Engagements

I speak to groups on topics that include creativity as a portal to self-discovery, the meaning of “Come Home to Your Self” and why it’s a journey of LOVE, our experience as a Divine Elemental Being, and intuition as the guiding light for living the life you want to live.


Artwork is available for purchase.  Contact me for information or to commission a piece.

Red Tent Events (Moon Lodges, and Women’s Spirit Circles)

Anita Diamant’s book, The Red Tent, has inspired a grassroots movement led by many visionary women around the world.  I was inspired to host Red Tent events after learning of ALisa Starkweather, founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement, and Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost, director of the documentary “Things We Don’t Talk About: Women’s Stories from the Red Tent“. To quote the Red Temple Movement website, the Red Tent is a way “for women to take our inner momentum…and come forward with everything we are as women and give us a place to incubate, dream, slow down, and not have an agenda or plan.”  It is a sacred space “where we can share stories, laughter, songs, food, and honor our unique cycles that we experience each month in our bleeding time and in our going through menopause and the many years leading up to it.”  ALisa goes on to add, “Inside the Red Tent, we give ourselves time to remember who we are at our very core,… we must turn from our identities and roles towards the innermost temple of our own hearts.  Come into the Red Tent and stop for a breath and to be in your body.  In the quiet and sometimes celebratory company of wonderful women, feel.  In what you feel, there is much that is waiting for you.” I am registered on the Red Tent Movie website as the facilitator for Red Tents in southcentral Pennsylvania.

“It is time.  The women are ready to co-create a vision in the societies we live in

and make a place among us where women are honored

by honoring own own unique journeys of womanhood.”  ALisa Starkweather

“Things We Don’t Talk About” Movie Screenings

Once I saw this movie, I knew I had to bring it to as many women as possible.  On the Red Tent Movie website, it says, “Things We Don’t Talk About weaves together healing narratives from inside the Red Tent to shine a spotlight on this vital, emergent women’s tradition.  The film provides us an opportunity to remember, to listen, to know, and to find what it is we need to bring back to our communities to help awaken the voices of women.”  Schedule a screening followed by conversation or consider combining a screening with a Red Tent experience.  Honor the Divine Feminine within each of us and connect more deeply to your Self.

Isadora (on the right) and Me

After hosting several screenings of Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost’s documentary, “Things We Don’t Talk About: Women’s Stories from the Red Tent”, I had the great fortune of inviting her to York Pennsylvania where we co-hosted a very special screening and Red Tent event.  She is a warm, intelligent, empowered woman who uses her voice to enlight, educate, and empower others.