What I Offer

Everything I do- from creating art to hosting retreats- is a journey of LOVE

that begins with loving the Self and radiating that love into the world to affect positive change.


Most of the artwork is available for purchase in the Shop.  Items are shipped Tuesdays and Thursdays, except holidays.  A tracking number will be provided when item ships.

If you are interested in commissioning a piece, contact Susankorsnick@gmail.com.

Come Home to Your Self: Private Events for Women

Going through a major life change?  Celebrating a new stage in your life?  Excited about trying something new?  There’s something deeply personal and intimate about a custom-designed event that supports where you are on your journey.  Together, we (you as Host and me as Facilitator) will create an experience that will be both meaningful and fun for all who attend.  These events include mindfulness activities and creative experiences that strengthen the connection to our intuition so that we can be healthier, happier, more confident women as we enter the next phase of our lives.  Embracing all aspects of self- including the lover, the creator (mother), the wise woman (crone), the wild woman, the warrior, the healer, the muse, the mystic, and the maiden- we lovingly accept our uniqueness and have more to give others.  Think of an emerging butterfly… or the lotus that rises out of the mud to bloom.  Let’s honor your metamorphosis, too!

  • Come Home to Your Self:  Connecting to your inner lover, creator (mother), wise woman (crone), wild woman, warrior, healer, muse, mystic, and/or inner child (maiden) .  Which aspects of your Self do you want to bring into greater focus?  Which have been neglected for too long?  Which are ready to emerge more fully in your life?
  • New Beginnings:  Exploring transitions and life’s changes from a place of self-love.  There is always something- new job, retirement, empty nest, change in marital status, menopause, the big birthdays (anything that ends in 0), and so much more!
  • Sitting in the Shade:  Embracing the Shadow.  Here, we dive deep by recognizing aspects of ourselves that can be transformed through the healing power of self-love and acceptance .  I see this as a magical event for those already on a path of self-awareness.

“Susan helped me create and offer an afternoon workshop for a group of important women in my circle, each of whom was facing a major life transition.  Thanks to Susan’s thoughtful planning, the gathering was magical and deeply empowering, opening up space that allowed each of us to remember and ‘recover’ parts of ourselves in profound ways, to reflect on our own lived experiences, and to envision how we might move forward from here.  It exceeded all of my hopes and dreams in every way.  I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking for a wise, creative, empowering guidess to navigate through life’s marvelous, messy, wild, and winsome twists and turns.” Melanie S

“I still can’t believe what a special experience that was… still processing and thinking about it.  I shared my painting with my significant other who thought the symbolism was incredible!”

Creatively Fit Coaching

There is currently a wait list for new clients. Contact me to save your place.

Everyone goes through a time in their life when they need encouragement and support as they figure out “what’s next”- little ones going to school for first time, divorce, career changes, empty nest,… you get the idea.  Rolling it over in your mind can be an exercise in futility, I know from experience!  The mind is great at logical things- creating budgets, filing taxes, reading contracts, or finding the nearest coffee shop when a large cafe mocha is desperately needed.  But when it comes to making major life decisions or reinventing ourselves, the mind can actually get in the way.  It doesn’t like change.  It wants to keep us in the familiar and “safe” (as in “stuck”).  It wants to keep us small out of fear.  “Stick with what you know,” it warns.  

But, we have a sassy, sexy, brave aspect of ourselves that we can access any time… our inner wisdom.  It is the trusted friend who encourages us when we need it most.  “Bring on the new, exciting, magical, expansive possibilities!” it cheers.  

As a certified Creatively Fit Coach, I support your desire to play, dream, dig deep, and listen to your intuition through the creative and mindful activities I teach you.  You might get glue on your clothes and paint under your nails.  You might do something you’ve never done before.  You might reveal parts of your self you don’t know very well.  You might actually have fun.  But there is one thing for sure, you will discover within you a wisdom and magic that can lead to your highest, happiest, most authentic Self.  Creativity is a way to override the worrying, stressed out mind and tap into your heart and soul.  It’s enlightening and empowering!

1-on-1 coaching in-person or online-coaching via phone or video conferencing tool.  We are not limited by distance or space!

Journey of Young Women (girls ages 8-12)

Imagine a world where girls grow with personal power, sovereignty over her own body, a broad understanding of beauty that includes her, the confidence to trust her intuition, healthy relationships and healthy boundaries, a connection to the natural world around her, and a sense of her own Divinity.

All activities and experiences are designed to engage the whole girl- head, heart, hands, and spirit. 

I am a certified Journey of Young Women coach with over 20 years elementary teaching experience, a BA in Fine Art, a Masters of Ed, and K-12 Art Certification.

Testimonials from parents

“Susan introduced the idea of how powerful the feminine is and led activities to reinforce this theme.  She introduced goddesses from many cultures, the idea of self-care, beauty from many viewpoints, and many kinds of music and traditions.  Just what I had hoped for!  I knew my daughter was in good hands and well cared for.  My daughter said this was her most favorite ‘camp’ ever!  I know that Susan put her whole heart into this endeavor and cared for the girls as if they were her own.”  Jennifer C

“Susan engaged the girls in activities that embodied true female empowerment- hearing one’s inner (authentic) voice, being grateful for our many blessings- large and small, and finding happiness in nature, self, and the friendship of other empowered young women.”  Michelle S